Thursday, 31 July 2014

Life this week + Fruit and vegetable Montessori Printables

Happy Friday! Normally I'd be sharing a load of photos relating to Montessori Toddler activities. Today, it's a little different because I'm keeping it short and sweet, but it's more of a here's what we've been up to post. I'm still going to be sharing our week, and some fun fruit and veg printables! See: 

Montessori Inspired Fruit and Vegetable Printables by Welcome to Mommyhood

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

House tour [or have a look at the before pictures]

I can't believe I'm brave enough to do this, but today, you're getting a house tour! I do have to say though, please keep an open mind - we're changing everything! Seriously. This house is a mess, but we fell in love with it's potential, the gorgeous land, it's location [exactly seven minutes away from my husband's work], and just the lifestyle we could lead here. So the fact that the house looks a bit small [mostly due to my horrible photography attempts, and not because it's tiny] and is definitely in a state of ... horribleness. 

Aside from any of the specifics I mention below, we will be doing construction/structural work to the house, painting each room, putting in floors (hardwood or carpet), redoing the ceilings, redoing tiles, fixing up walls, insulating better, putting in triple insulated windows, and basically doing anything possible to make it energy efficient and more environmentally friendly [while remaining in budget]. One little tid bit, you get tax cuts and discounts from the government for making your home environmentally friendly. We'll be doing that, and we 'plan', meaning we really want to but don't know when it will happen, to put in solar panels eventually, but definitely don't have the budget or time for that project right now. 

Are you ready for this? Try not to be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of work or this ridiculous yellow color! Let's get started: 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What I ate on my date night + random photos

So paleo? Yea, fail. This week was a major fail. I did know that would happen. We went out and celebrated being official home owners. That meant a pretty carb-tastic meal. I'm okay with it. It was awesome. And I'm sharing photos of every course, plus an obnoxious photo bomb that will actually include photos of myself!

I don't post photos of me [or my family] on here very often. My husband doesn't want to have his face all over the interwebz, which I respect. We also don't feel too comfortable with putting the toddler on here, which is also a-okay. I do think that I should actually let you guys see me, but here's the thing - I find it very difficult to find photographs of myself where I don't look 14. I'm not 14. In fact, I'm almost 27. But people think I'm 14. True story, this happened: 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Rosemary lemon chicken recipe

Given my absolute laziness in the kitchen the past few weeks, one pot dishes are pretty much the only way my family will get some form of dinner that doesn't include carry out or frozen dinners. This rosemary lemon [& zucchini] dish was, not only a winner, but it just so easy to make! I mean, anything in one pot is guaranteed to be easy, but the best part was that it was absolutely full of flavour. Or maybe the best part was that I didn't have to be in the kitchen that much. Yea, probably that last point, but same difference. Good, easy food that's healthy = win! 

Lemon rosemary chicken recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo

One more thing - the rosemary, zucchini, and potatoes in this dish came from the garden. It was also organic [and cheap]. I just love having a garden. Seriously. Maybe that's the best part of this dish? That most of the ingredients came from here:

My mother in law's garden. It actually looks pretty small in this photo, but rest assured, we've bought basically no veg this summer. It's been pretty fantastic. Okay, okay, let's get to that recipe I started telling you about: 

Rosemary Lemon Chicken with Zucchini

Meal Plan: birthday parties galore, eating out, and some healthy food edition

I didn't quite realise how crazy this week is going to be until I started putting together this post. I think I'm cooking dinner only twice this week, and for the rest of the meals, I'm going for basic, easy, peasy minimal effort dishes. I'm not even going to try to keep it paleo - I know I won't make it due to birthday parties, eating out, it being obnoxiously hot, and life being generally crazy right now because ... see yesterday's announcement. I cannot honestly say that I mind the lack of cooking that I'll be doing as I am fully annoyed with the kitchen, my current food rut, and the lack of food related inspiration at the moment. 

It's really not helping that we finally HAVE A HOUSE, and all I can think about is design, remodeling, and construction. Oops, that was yesterday's announcement. Anyway, the week after will be better [I hope], and I'll make up for it with tasty noms, but for now, we'll be eating: 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fennel and cucumber salad

Hello there! Sooooooo guess what! 

Did you guess already? 

How about now? 

Okay, I'll tell you! You may or may not have noticed me complaining about that teeny tiny housing situation that we have been dealing with for the past 3+ months. I mean, it's not like I was telling you about it in every single post or anything. Oh wait, I most definitely did that. Well, that housing situation is resolved because we officially got the key!!!! 

Now, the real work begins - remodeling, fixing up the house, and of course preparing a house tour for all of you! Hubby is going to be building the kitchen this week, and we have to start off with a bunch of work to make the house safe for said remodeling, but it's starting! Yay! Yes, I am currently doing a happy dance... 

Speaking of kitchens - today is Saturday, which means I have a recipe to share!  It's actually a salad recipe. I always question whether or not I should share these recipes. After all, they are so easy, and my dressings are so basic that I can hardly call them recipes. Buuuut, I'm sharing this one. Because it was good. Really, really good! 

Healthy salad recipes: fennel and cucumber salad #paleo #salad #yummy

With the summer heat scorching on full blast over here in the Netherlands, this salad is such a simple and refreshing treat! Plus it involves zero cooking, minimal mess, and is just difficult to get wrong, depending on how you feel about fennel, of course.