Monday, 1 September 2014

My son's birth story: how he was born 36 hours later

Mr Toddler is turning two in less than a week. Two. 2. T-w-o. It feels like I was just looking at the positive on the pregnancy test and now, I have a rambunctious little toddler running around. He's a curious little guy, who still enjoys a good ole cuddle (as long as we bribe him with something normally forbidden like a television show). 

In honour of his upcoming birthday, I'm going to be sharing something a little different this time - his birth story. I'm also going to try to give a bit of insight into the Dutch system and how things work around here. I posted a little while back about prenatal care in the Netherlands if you want to know more. 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Paleo Recipes: Easy beets recipe

One of the most important factors that contributes to my success on any sort of a healthy lifestyle is preparation. Especially when I am trying to be strict with paleo, I know I need to make recipes that can be prepped in advance. This easy beets recipe is one that I can either make in large batches in advance or simply prep by cooking the beets in the beginning of the week. 

Easy Beets Recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo, #Whole30, #vegan, #vegetarian, #EasyBeetsRecipe

Whole 30 Meal Plan #4 & Whole 30 update

I mentioned last week how distracted I have been with party planning. I realised though that I'm generally not into cooking so much lately. And then I realised why. My hubby and I went to buy a ridiculous amount of food for the party that is coming up way too soon. We also had a chance to finally go to the market in the city where we used to live. That market was a constant source of food-inspiration for me - I mean fresh produce for super cheap without a bunch of chemicals, preservatives, or even food coloring added! The quality is simply better than what we can get in the grocery stores here.

But we haven't been going. Since we've moved out of the city, it's been a hassle to go, and now that the garden is not producing as many fruits and vegetables, I'm stuck going to conventional grocery stores with overpriced and significantly less tasty food. It makes cooking so much less fun. 

My new goal though is to consistently go to the market every two weeks! I can freeze the extras that we buy, but still know that I am getting good quality stuff. This week, I am finally excited to get cookin' now that I have gotten my hands on all of these goodies! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Science activities for toddlers: mini astronomy unit

I mentioned in my Tot School Curriculum post that I am planning on increasing the quantity of science based works that I present for my son. As part of my research for age appropriate science activities for two year olds, I actually realised something - I actually do provide science activities for my toddler! Units like this, with a space theme, actually incorporates simple works that I can use to introduce my two year old [Mr. Toddler] to scientific concepts - like gravity, space, zoology, etc. 

Not every aspect of science has to be an experiment, right? I mean, those sure are fun, but it has taken me a little while to realise that I don't need to do 10 experiments a week with my two year old to get some science into our school week! 

This particular unit happened spur of the moment. I got some inspiration from some pom poms, made a few printables very quickly, and got busy! These are hands on and pretty basic works that Mr Toddler absolutely adored! I kept some of these out for about a week and a half, even after introducing new trays, he still asked to do these trays during play time! 

Science activities for toddlers: Mini space unit by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori #totschool

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Super easy Mr Toddler approved tuna salad

So tuna. It rocks my socks. My toddler on the other hand? It depends on his mood. If it's in a patty, well, anything in a patty is a guaranteed win, but in salad form, that is a harder sell. I made an easy tuna salad recently, and Mr Toddler devoured it! I loved that he got some sugar snap peas, cucumbers, celery and tuna and I had zero meal time battles {with the exception of the tomatoes that I repeatedly offer but are constantly avoided}! Plus, I thought it was really, really tasty. And I ate my tomatoes. 

Easy tuna salad: Whole 30 approved {Welcome to Mommyhood} #EasyTunaSalad, #Whole30, #Paleo

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

WIAW: Whole 30 & healthy edition!

Happy Wednesday! As usual this means it's time for another day of noms and food around here! You get to have a look into what's brewing in my kitchen on any typical day, usually a Monday. 

For the first time in a while, I am finally excited about being in the kitchen again. Planning my son's birthday party, planning our trip to the market for necessary supplies, and watching cooking shows [of the Jamie Oliver and Australian Masterchef variety] have finally given me a bit of inspiration. 

I should have some awesome, paleo recipes in the making shortly, but I might have to post a few birthday recipes, like say my gooey double chocolate cookies or some white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes. Guess what those aren't! They are so not paleo, but I don't think my Dutch guests would appreciate it if I take away the typical rice or macaroni dishes they are accustomed to eating at birthday parties. 

Anyhow, enough chatting about birthdays! Here's what my family ate on Monday: